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Environmental Steering Committee

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MFA Public Practice Exhibition, by Tory Tepp, '09 (left) and Ofunne Obiamiwe, '09 (right)

The Environmental Steering Committee (ESC) is a broad serving body that attempts to consider all college-wide activities through the lens of environmental sustainability. ESC members are made up of individuals (students, faculty, and staff) throughout the college who have both a genuine interest and or a stake in the college’s future with respect to issues around sustainability and environmental stewardship. Through ongoing assembly the ESC, guided by the College’s mission; identifies, evaluates, and recommends actions that strengthen the College’s efforts and profile in regards to environmental consciousness. These efforts include college wide, community based, and international efforts.

Otis Sustainability Mission Statement
The Environmental Steering Committee, guided by the college’s mission, identifies, evaluates, and recommends actions that strengthen the college’s efforts and profile in regards to environmental consciousness.
Environmental Steering Committee purpose
To be a group of Otis College thought leaders who research effective, actionable, and implementable initiatives concerning sustainability efforts on campus, and recommend such initiatives to the Otis College Senior Team.

Environmental Steering Committee Goals:

  • To support the implementation of the initiatives spelled out in the Second Nature Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitment, signed by Otis in 2017.
  • To research sustainable projects for our campus and present them to the Senior Team for consideration.
  • To survey and publish a list of all sustainable activities on campus.
  • To be available to the College community for advice and information regarding the integrating of environmental practices and curriculum.
  • To develop and keep a coherent web presence.


ESC Members:

Elektra Grant (co-chair), Communication Arts Coordinator, Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty
Claudia Hernandez Romero (co-chair), Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty
Andrew Armstrong, Technical Support Services Director 
Amber Cooper, Product Design
Hannah Damp, Product Design Student
Twin Daniel, Facilities Manager      
Jacci Den Hartog, Fine Arts Faculty 
Mark Farina, Media Services Manager
Terry Goddard, Chief Safety & Securities Officer
Michele Jaquis, Interdisciplinary Studies Director
Ankush Mahindra, VP of Information Technologies and Operations
Claude Nica, Chief Facilities & Operations Officer  
Jay Poston, Digital Media Student
Francarlo Resto, Residence Life & Housing Coordinator
Antonio Ruiz, Environmental Health, Safety, & Security Manager
Richard M. Shelton, Creative Action Director 
Helen Traczyk, Digital Media Student
Aalaa Yasin, Digital Media Student