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ArtNews: 2018 Carnegie International’s Fine Prize Goes to Postcommodity

Tonight at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, at a gala dinner toasting the opening of the 57th edition of the Carnegie International, the winners of the exhibition’s prizes were announced, with Lynette Yiadom-Boakye taking home the Carnegie Prize and Postcommodity the Fine Prize. Each award comes with $10,000, and the Carnegie Prize also includes a medal, designed by Tiffany & Co., that has been presented to each of its winners since the exhibition was founded in 1896.

Otis College is the Only Place in California to See New Pledges of Allegiance Flag

The MFA Art + Social Practice emphasis at Otis College of Art and Design is hosting a new flag on campus. Part of Pledges of Allegiance, a nationwide public art project by Creative Time, a commisioned flag from photographer and mixed-media artist Vik Muniz is currently on view outside of the Bronya and Andy Galef Center for Fine Arts. Otis College is one of 19 cultural institutions and universities across 16 states to raise the flag. 

Virtual Info Session: MFA Programs at Otis College

Join this virtual session to learn more about our graduate programs in Fine Arts, Art + Social Practice, Graphic Design and Writing, hear from department Chairs, and get your questions answered in this live Q&A.

KCET: Corn Man, A Mexican-Inspired Animistic Sculpture Arrives in Santa Ana and Los Angeles

Performance art in Latin America was prolific from the 1960s to 80s — at a time of aggressive authoritarianism. As the political climate evolved there in the 1990s, this interdisciplinary art genre advanced with a new generation of artists exploring its possibilities.

KCET: Linking Metropolises, Linguistic and Geographic Connections in Los Angeles and Mexico City

"Los Angeles and Mexico City are both sprawling metropolises that are the center for arts, culture and business but they are linked in more ways than this. For example, there is an ongoing cultural exchange between the two cities, collaboration between universities, and, with migration, an on-going Mexican influence on LA culture.

Kade Twist on Artmaking, L.A., and Bringing an Indigenous World View to Otis College

Kade L. Twist is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, sound, interactive media, text, and installation environments. Twist's work combines re-imagined tribal stories with geopolitical narratives to examine the unresolved tensions between market-driven systems, consumerism, and American Indian cultural self-determination.