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Unbound Creativity with Rebecca Chamlee

Not every artist can pinpoint the experience that inspired their life’s work. But Rebecca Chamlee can: it was during her time as a student at Otis College of Art and Design. “That’s where I discovered letterpress, and it changed everything,” she says. “I was in a class and they taught us how to hand set our names, and then we put it into a big press and printed it. The fact that we were making something real, just like that—it was transformative for me.” That resonance was amplified when Rebecca paired her newfound passion with book arts.

Botanical Artwork Offers the Opportunity to Enjoy Nature’s Imperfections

At the Los Angeles Arboretum, a collaboration with Otis College Extension is fostering the artistic growth of those already interested in the beauty of the natural world. Olga Eysymontt, an instructor at Otis College, has been drawing botanical figures for more than 20 years. “Unlike taking a photograph, where you may have to manipulate it to get the image you want, when you look at something with a more natural form, it has an imperfect, organic flow to it,” Eysymontt said.

Come Fly With Us: Otis College Extension Offers Build-A-Drone Workshop

This summer, you can /uild and fly your own drone through the Extension program at Otis College of Art and Design! The class will utilize a blended learning format to discover the intricacies of drone flying, explore the different uses and types of drones, and conclude with a one-day, hands-on workshop where students will build and fly their own.

We sat down with Eugene Ahn, lecturer at Otis College and the leader of the class, to discuss what students will learn, how drones are useful to artists, and more.

Q: How did this class come to be?

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