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Cultured Magazine: Growing Underground with Kelly Akashi ('06)

"On a coffee table littered with shaped glass, long spills of wax and a plaster impression of a hand, rests a sweet potato past its prime. Long sprouts stretch like fingers from its wrinkled rust-brown skin, fading from red to yellow to green at the leafy tips. “I’m not sure what to do with it,” says artist Kelly Akashi of the baroque spud. “A photographer was in here and thought I should just photograph it. But, I’m not convinced.”

'Cultured Magazine': 30 Young Artists To Watch In 2017

Reprinted from Culture Magazine November 2016

"We spent the summer refining and debating who should be included in our first-ever “30 Under 35” list. In order to narrow it down, we captured the country’s pulse by limiting our focus to its two culture capitals—Los Angeles and New York. Here, in alphabetical order, our names to watch in 2017, from Kelly Akashi to Stewart Uoo.