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Mike Cedeno has played a major role in the creation and execution of a legion of animated characters you might be familiar with: Aladdin for one, The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric for another (a character he says he was told to model after himself and Tom Cruise), and, oh, just one of the most popular princesses ever put to cel, Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Mike Cedeno

Unbound Creativity with Rebecca Chamlee

Not every artist can pinpoint the experience that inspired their life’s work. But Rebecca Chamlee can: it was during her time as a student at Otis College of Art and Design. “That’s where I discovered letterpress, and it changed everything,” she says. “I was in a class and they taught us how to hand set our names, and then we put it into a big press and printed it. The fact that we were making something real, just like that—it was transformative for me.” That resonance was amplified when Rebecca paired her newfound passion with book arts.

AIGA Eye on Design: Silas Munro

“Weekend With” is a new series that explores the world of design through the eyes of a designer on their days off. Our last installment took us on a typographic tour of Chinatown with Tracy Ma. This week, Silas Munro, founder of poly-mode, assistant professor at Otis College of Art and Design, and an advisor and chair emeritus at Vermont College of Fine Arts, takes us through a typical weekend in his adopted home of Los Angeles.

The Artist That Launched 100 Ships

 Hanging on the wall of painter Kim Russo’s art studio, is a cross-stich sampler depicting a large, masted sailing ship, which she found several years ago at a flea market in Pennsylvania while visiting family for the holidays. “I just walked over to it, asked how much it was, and bought it,” says Otis College of Art and Design’s interim Provost (she is also Dean of Graduate Studies). “There was probably less than 90 seconds between when I saw it and when it was in my arm being carried out.”


MFA Writing Chair Peter Gadol's New Novel Is Out

The Stranger Game coverMFA Writing Chair Peter Gadol's new novel, The Stranger Game, was released this week from Hanover Square Press, an imprint of HarperCollins, to sparkling reviews and enviable comparisons.

Scratching the Surface: Silas Munro

Silas Munro is a designer, educator, and writer based in Los Angeles. He’s currently an Assistant Professor in Communication Arts and MFA in Graphic Design at Otis College of Art and Design, Advisor, Chair Emeritus in the MFA program in Graphic Design at Vermont College of Fine Arts, and his work and writing has been published in many forms around the world.

Artforum: Preview of This Brush for Hire: Norm Laich and Many Other Artists

At the art-world Oscars, Norm Laich would be a perennial shoo-in for best supporting role. The Los Angeles–based artist, sign painter, and fabricator has been instrumental in producing the iconic works of a great number of big-name leads, including Kay Rosen, Stephen Prina, Mike Kelley, and Lawrence Weiner.

Artillery: Judie Bamber, The Place Where Something Happens

It’s an uncharacteristically cool, rainy afternoon when I climb the steps to Judie Bamber’s home and studio in a neighborhood off Sunset. As I enter her studio—a surprisingly spare and self-contained space—a rectangle of golden light seems to float on an easel set up at the rear of the room, seemingly appropriated from some magic hour we’re bound not to see on that particular day. As I move further into the room, I see that it’s a work in progress—with portions of the painting covered around this rectangle, which now discloses an identifiable section of human anatomy.

The Futur: Motion Designer Handel Eugene

Being the child of an immigrant makes the creative path a difficult one. A lot of sacrifices have been made, and, often times, families don't want to accept any career path outside of the Doctor/Lawyer safe zone. Chris has walked this path himself, so that gave him an instant connection with his guest, Handel Eugene, the son of Haitian immigrants. Handel has proven his talent to his parents, though, by creating a successful career for himself, most recently working on films like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther.

The Korea Times: Otis College 100th Anniversary Exhibition Opens in Insa-dong, Seoul on the 14th

Otis College's 100th Anniversary Exhibition 'ASIA / LA ← → LA / ASIA' will be held at the ARA Art Center in Insa-dong, Seoul.

The exhibition, which will be held on the 1st and 2nd floor floors of the ARA Art Center (underground), will be on view from April 14 - 22, showcases the work of Otis College graduates and faculty. 

Bruce Ferguson, president of Otis College of Art and Design, said, "This exhibition of Otis' 100-year tradition marks the close connection between LA and Asia, celebrating the Otis College community that created global artists."