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JT Lab Gives Artists a Chance to Make Lasting Difference with National Parks

Joshua Tree has long been known as a creative enclave, home to art walks and art galleries, and nearby spots like The Integratron are meant to dissolve barriers between the conscious thinking mind and the creative unconscious. But of course, Joshua Tree is best known for its national park and the beautiful, arid landscape.

To Serve and Create

Rebecca Lowry is on hiatus. She has, for at least two years and likely much longer, walked away from her L.A. studio to become an “embedded artist” at Joshua Tree National Park and demonstrate how creative people can solve everyday problems while also capturing the imagination of visitors.

“This is mission-assistive work,” says Lowry, who’s drawing a plan to reconfigure JTNP headquarters to accommodate more staff. “A lot of what I do here is back-of-the-house stuff, creative problem-solving to help the park function better.”

Trailblazer: Rebecca Lowry of JT Lab

Reprinted from Modern Hiker