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summer programs

Dedicate This Summer to Your Creative Practice

Summer Programs at Otis College of Art and Design offer artists and designers the opportunity to explore and create in the unique and culturally diverse arts community of Los Angeles. 

Eric Fischl Offers Guidance for Figurative Artists at Otis College Summer Residency

One of the most influential figurative painters of our time, Eric Fischl, kicked off the Otis College of Art and Design Figurative Summer Residency program with a keynote lecture that covered his personal generative process.

Charles Gaines: Moving from Subjective to Collective

What roles does a work of art play in society today? Is the purpose of art to provide pleasure, access the subjectivity of the artist, change society, or to provide a new mode of proposing ideas? Rather than seeing art as a subjective practice—one unassailable by the demands of culture or society—Charles Gaines’s lecture at Otis College of Art and Design for the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art proposed that art needs to be reimagined as a cultural practice in order to be fully relevant for today’s political and social climate.

Touching Reality in a Post-Truth World: Graham Harman Kicks off Saas-Fee Residency at Otis College

How do you develop a theory of living in the world if you can never escape the confines of your own mind? How can you develop a relationship to the world if your philosophy of the world places humans at the center, and everything else in a separate category? These were just the beginnings of some of the questions touched on in Graham Harman’s discussion with Andrew Culp that kicked off the inaugural summer Los Angeles residency for the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art.

Must-See Speakers Series this Summer at Otis College

This summer, top artists, writers, and critics will speak as part of the Summer Residencies and Programs at Otis College of Art and Design. Keynote speakers include Eric Fischl, Graham Harman, Jamillah James, Roxane Gay, and Shirin Neshat. Most will be held at the college's Forum, the lectures are free and open to the public. 

See Roxane Gay, Graham Harman, Eric Fischl, Jamillah James This Summer

Summer Residencies and Programs at Otis College of Art and Design is pleased to announce speakers and visiting guest artists for the 2018 summer sessions. Keynote speakers will include Eric Fischl, Graham Harman, Jamillah James, Roxane Gay, and Shirin Neshat. As part of an expanded offering, several of the lectures will be free and open to the public. 

Artnet: How One Artist Turned a Wrongful Conviction and a Prison Sentence Into Powerful Performance Art

The ninth of August 2012 started out unremarkable for artist Sherrill Roland, but his life would change forever with a phone call he got that day. A detective reached him as he was preparing for his first year of the MFA program at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, and told him that he faced felony charges in Washington, D.C. (The artist declines to name the charges or the identity of his accuser.) Confused and shocked, Roland maintained his innocence. The charges were later downgraded to a misdemeanor, resulting in a two-day trial before a judge, not a jury.

L.A. Summer Programs Expand at Otis College

Building on the success of last year's inaugural L.A. Summer Residency, the  2018 line-up features specialized programs for emerging curators, writers of color, fashion designers, L.A. art enthusiasts, and more.

Fashion Design Retreat


  • Laurie Hogin Lectures at Otis College
    June 25
  • Eric Fischl lectures at Otis College
    Eric Fischl Offers Guidance for Figurative Artists at Otis College Summer Residency
    June 15
  • Roxane Gay with a group from the Anaphora Writing Residency at Otis College
    Roxane Gay: On Ambition and Keeping Your Day Job
    June 8

Emerging Curators Retreat


  • Lorna Turner
    Building Community Online: Meet Lorna Turner
    August 20
  • Mark Manrose
    Meet the New Dean of Otis Extension, Mark Manrose
    July 26
  • Mike Cedeno
    Inspiration Here!
    May 20