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Otis College's First Year Experience Program

Otis College's FYE Program - Take FLIGHT - focuses on helping first year foundation students and new foundation transfer students succeed academically and personally. Students will find support to thrive academically, engage positively with their peers, and create a healthy mindset in order to be their best creative selves by participating in the program's six sessions.

Take FLIGHT Sessions

All 6 sessions must be completed by first year foundation students and transfer foundation students by May 1st, 2020 in order to receive the $500 first year scholarship.

  • Health & Wellness - Zoom Webinar

    Spring 2020 Update:
    Missed the April 15th Health and Wellness Webinar? Watch it here!

    • Topic: Student Health & Wellness Center Q&A While You're Away: Our New Normal
    • At the end of this webinar, you will be given a code word to email to receive credit for this session.


    For more programming information from the SHWC, visit our Health Promotion page!

  • Finding Friends - Helping Students Create Community and A Sense of Belonging

    If students did not attend the Find Friends Event on September 15th, they can still make up this session by:

    1. Attending a Peer Mentor Event
    2. Meeting with their peer mentor one-on-one 

    Peer mentor events can be found on Otis Owl Events with the tag #Find Friends.  Students can meet with their peer mentor one-on-one by emailing them directly. Look out for monthly newsletters and emails from your peer mentor!

    Spring 2020 Update:

    You can now receive full credit for the FIND FRIENDS session, by attending the next peer mentor event on April 18th: For more information, click HERE

  • Learn About Money - Improving Your Financial Health

    This is a two-part session that must be completed in order to receive credit. Students must:

    1. Complete a 30-minute online course called “Creating a Budget (and sticking to it)” Go to your student dashboard at, click on “Finances” in the side menu, and click on the “iGrad” icon at the top of the page. You will then go to the “courses” tab, and find the appropriate course. Be sure to complete the entire course in order to get credit for this first part!
    2. Once you complete the online course you must make an appointment with a financial aid advisor at the One Stop.

    In order to succesfully complete this, students must attend a one on one advising session.

  • Identity and Diversity - Developing Awareness of Yourself

    This is a two-part session that must be completed in order to receive credit. Students must:

    1. Complete a 45-minute online course called "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion." Access the course by following this link and use your Otis credentials to get started. Students must complete the entire course to get credit for this first part.
    2. There will be one major diversity speaker students must attend in order to receive credit. Check your Owl Events App for dates and details, or see below for workshop dates. Dinner is provided.

    Students must attend and check in at the event in order to be counted.

    Spring 2020 Update: 

     If you complete the online Identity and Diversity course, you will now receive credit for the entire Identity and Diversity session. You no longer have to attend the in-person workshop to complete this session. 

  • Goal Mapping - Exploring Your Personal Profile to Expand Your Career Development

    Students must attend this fall workshop put on by Career Services staff, and only need to attend one of the sessions offered.

    In order to successfully complete this, students must attend one of the workshops and check into the event.

    Spring Workshop Dates:

    • Tuesday, February 18, 7:00 PM | FORUM
    • Wednesday, February 26, 11:15 AM | FORUM

    Only have to go to one, lunch/dinner provided! RSVP for one of the workshops here

    Spring 2020 Update:

    1. Please book an individual Take Flight Career Counseling Session through the Job Board/Career Portal located on your dashboard (select career appointments and choose your preferred date/time).
    2. Please indicate in the notes section of your appointment request “Goal Mapping –Take Flight Session”.
    3. Appointments will be conducted virtually via Zoom and you will be sent your career counseling Zoom meeting link directly.
  • Health & Wellness - Developing a Wellness Mindset and Strategies for Self-Care

    Students must attend this fall workshop put on by our Otis College staff from the Student Health and Wellness Cente. Students will learn how to develop positive coping mechanisms in order to be successful personally and academically.

    Spring Workshop Dates:

    Tuesday, March 3 at 11:15 AM | AHMN 314

    Only have to go to one, lunch/dinner provided! RSVP for one of the workshops here

    In order to succesfully complete this, students must attend one of the workshops and check into the event.

    Spring 2020 Update:

    1. Join the Upcoming Student Health and Wellness Seminar on April 15th at 11:15 AM through ZOOM:
    2. Topic: Student Health & Wellness Center Q&A While You're Away: Our New Normal
    3. At the end of this webinar, you will be given a code word to email to receive credit for this session.
  • Time & Project Management - A Holistic Approach to Setting Priorities

    There are two seperate opportunities you can attend in order to complete this experience. Students must:

    1. Attend one of the 3 workshop "Game Nights" being offered, listed below and in your Owl Events App.
    2. Attend only 1 one-on-one in person appointment with an Academic Success Coach. The Student Learning Center provides one-on-one, 20 minute Time and Project Management coaching sessions. Students will meet with a success coach to review, plan, and/or practice proven strategies that first year students need to be successful. Students have the flexibility to meet with a coach in-person in the Student Learning Center or online, via Otis' online conferencing software Zoom. When choosing this option, students must attend two Time and Project Management coaching sessions. Students may make an appointment with a coach via that SLC's appointment system.

    Students will not get credit for this if they do not complete either one of the options listed above.

Other Information

  • $500 First Year Scholarship

    In order to receive your $500 scholarship in full, new first year foundation students MUST attend and complete all 6 sessions as outlined. First-Year Foundation Students have until April 15, 2020, to complete all six sessions successfully. Once students have completed their six sessions, a $500 Scholarship will be posted to their student account toward their Fall 2019 account balance.

    Scholarship Disclosure: The FYE scholarship is offered only to new foundation and new foundation transfer students for the Fall 2020 semester and cannot be transferred to any prior or future semesters. The FYE award is non-refundable and is applied to tuition charges only. You are required to have minimum of 2.00 GPA. The full award will be rescinded if your enrollment drops below full time (12 credit hours), you withdraw from all classes or found guilty of an ethics violation any time during the Fall 2020 semester. Your eligibility for the scholarship award may be reduced if you receive other tuition specific financial assistance (external scholarships, grants, VA or employer education benefits). The total amount of all tuition specific aid cannot exceed the Fall 2020 tuition charges. This scholarship award will be included in your billing statements and/ or individually prepared invoices. All federal aid (loans, grants, Yellow Ribbon, GI Bill, etc.), state, and institutional aid will be coordinated to not exceed the total cost of attendance.

  • Soar Higher

    There are many other activities and events that could help you soar even higher and make the most out of your first year at Otis College. We suggest exploring the following:

    • Attend Life Drawing and Building Form workshops after class; this will help you fine tune your skills.
    • Explore additional online financial management courses on iGrad
    • Attend Health and Wellness events! Find all dates and times at Owl Events online.
    • Attend workshops and guest lectures on campus—there are so many great speakers we bring to campus to help inspire your own creativity
    • Meet with your Academic Mentor regularly—they are an amazing resource!
    • Visit an Academic Advisor at the One Stop--go to your Dashboard to make an appointment!
    • Join a club or organization. Find out more information on Otis Owl Events online
    • Visit the Ben Maltz Gallery exhibit on campus
    • Attend at least 2 student activities events—you can find information on Otis Owl Events online
    • Go to residential programs put on by our RA (if living on campus)
    • Consider submitting to the Excellence E-Portfolio Competition
  • Program Learning Outcomes

    Take FLIGHT and learn how to:

    1. Improve time and project management.
    2. Locate and use both on campus (One Stop) and web platforms (Dashboard) as resources for course engagement, advising, registration, and financial questions.
    3. Access campus resources such as peer mentors, academic mentors and advisors, tutors, and other offices and individuals who support their success at Otis College.
    4. Develop interpersonal relationships with a diverse community at Otis College and in the Greater Los Angeles area that further enhances their sense of identity.
    5. Determine the habits and practices that support self-care and encourage independent problem solving.
    6. Participate in co-curricular experiences such as joining a club/organization, attending campus and residential programs, and/or initiate their career development plan.