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Apollo Crowe Designs All-in-One Clip SnapLNX

May 3, 2012
Spotlight Category: Alumni
Apollo Crowe (’07 Toy Design)
SnapLNX is the “All in one clip” made in the U.S.A. and working hard and looking good as it holds your tie, sleeves, cuffs, or cash. We have a growing line of SnapLNX designs on our website, and a cool custom feature that allows you to upload your own design.
Starting up
It started as a design exercise that proved to have many more uses. I’m an inventor/problem solver, and my friend Alfred had a problem; how could a bartender keep his sleeves rolled up, and out of the sink, while handling the rigors of furious martini shaking?
Biggest reward
Proving that “Made in America” can still work.
Thank you, Otis!
With all the training and guidance Otis gives you, the truth is you have to make it happen yourself, and that basic concept was instilled throughout the curriculum. Otis provided that forum: you pitch an idea in studio, represent yourself at the internship fair, and build your portfolio. Otis will help you find the options, but the choices are yours. You have to take a seed of an idea and make it grow.