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Course Recruitment



Is your course in need of an attendance bump?  Here is a quick guide to help you recruit students for your travel study course.  The Travel and External Study Coordinator is here to assist you in this process.

PDF Version of Recruitment available HERE



Create a presentation about your travel study course. This is a great way to not only inform students but parents as well about the travel study course you are teaching. Use these sample presentations below as a template to get you started, (these examples are saved in Word. You can download, open, and save in Power Point for easy editing.):


EXAMPLE Travel Presentation A
EXAMPLE Travel Presentation B
EXAMPLE Travel Presentation C




Use the marketing materials examples provided below as an emxaple on how to announce your program across the college.

Flyer Pull Tabs
Info Session Reminder Flyer
Info Session Reminder Flyer, Doublesided
Travel Info Poster 8.5x14
Travel Info Poster Tabs 8.5x14


Place travel study course posters advertising course details, information, and meeting times around the campus:

Student Activities area (Academic Building 150)



Building entrances/ outside of elevators


Personally announce your course:

In the classroom

During Orientation

Departmental Meetings

Club Meetings/Student Activities

Informational Meetings (Set up with Travel and External Study Coordinator)

Student Government Meetings


Publicize & promote using a variety of virtual and social outlets:

The Dashboard

Student Newsletter

Otis College Website

Otis College Social Media accounts 

Work with Travel and External Study Coordinator to establish information sessions with dates/times/locations. 



Recruitment sessions are an opportunity to share your enthusiasm for travel study with potential participants. It is recommended to hold two information sessions in your first month of recruiting. After this period hold as many meetings as needed until enrollment has been met. 


Possible meeting locations include:

The Forum

Student Activities Center


The Commons

Faculty Office Space


Create visually engaging and informative presentations for your meetings. Try incorporating: 

Past years student images from course 

Photos found online or your personal archive

Powerpoint presentations with images and info 

Videos of location

Destination Facts

Snacks related to location (optional) 


Keep the students engaged!  

Discuss benefits of becoming a global citizen by travel study.
Highlight activities that focus on topics covered in the classroom and beyond. 
Cover specifics about the itinerary that will intrigue students about the content of the course as well as the destination. 


Thank you for your commitment to Otis College Travel Study and developing responsible and informed global citizens.