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We will be leaving Los Angeles traveling directly to Rome, Italy to experience the city through both its history and its contemporary life. Art is our focus and we will taste, look, hear and touch the living city of Rome. By engaging local scholars and artists we will be guided into a private and special world not available on a short excursion. Working and living on site and responding to the environment will add to the fully immersive travel experience.

Rome Colloseum

When: March 14-24

Where: Rome, Italy

Approximate Cost: $2,900

Application Deadline: Priority Enrollment - NOV. 1 Open Enrollment Ends- Jan 10.

Course: All LAS Courses & 10206 ILUS 352A Advancing Your Practice: Rome

Faculty Contact: Tucker Neel   &   Renne Petropoulos

Open To: Soph-Grad Students

Information Sessions: NOV 6. 11:30. Student Lounget

  • Roundtrip air travel
  • Apartment in Rome (2-3 students per room)
  • Classroom fees
  • All public transportation
  • Tivoli excursion
  • One group dinner
  • Museum Admission


Not Included
  • Passport fees
  • Meals & Entertainment ($30-50/day)
  • Tuition
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Financial Aid Available
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