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Tucker Neel: 2015-16 Faculty Development Grant Report


This grant helped fund a collaborative project called Postcards For A Grand Tour. This project investigated the role of the postcard as an object bearing the memories of a place transmitted from one location to another. To complete this project I travelled to Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and finally to London, on a route tracing many of the cities from the Grand Tour. Before leaving on this journey, I asked people to send me content for postcards and to tell me where to leave them in each city. I also took a portable printer and blank postcards with me so I could print on-the-fly, with contributors reacting to my experiences.

--Tucker Neel
Communication Arts

Read Full Report [PDF]

Alex Schub cards

Alex Schub's cards for the #postcardsforagrandtour project

Soo Kim card

Soo Kim's card for the #postcardsforagrandtour project