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Mark Thomas Bio

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas has been a loyal member of the Otis TSS team for more than a decade.  He received his BFA from the fine art program in 2000 and has since moved from part time, to full time, to manager of the shop facilities.  He has also worked with Professional Artists, Designers, & Architects, doing fabrication and consulting.  As an artist, part of his practice has always been dedicated to assisting other artists produce their artwork, and working with artists at the student level is by far the most rewarding.  He encourages students to have confidence in their creative instincts and stay open to potential design evolutions during all stages of production. Mark’s primary goal is to help students develop a good, safe skill-set, give them a solid understanding of materials, and learn to trust in their own voice.  He believes this combination will help them sustain their artistic practices throughout their careers.