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Made in LA features faculty, alumni

Hammer Museum exhibition

The Hammer Museum's biennial Made in LA, through Sept 7, features work by alumni Kim Fisher MFA '98, Juan Capistran '99 and Mike Frimkess MFA '57. Also included is work by faculty member Lauren Mackler of Public Fiction, whose Highland Park enterprise is characterized by the LA TImes as "a social hub and a destination for creative experimentation for dozens of emerging and well-known artists."

"It's something you see internationally," curator Connie Butler says. "But we felt that right here, right now, there's a certain vitality around these groups in L.A. and that this was something that really characterized the L.A. scene at this moment."

Public Fiction perfectly embodies that spirit, says Butler. "Young curatorial students and artists were looking a lot at Lauren's program. It was clear that if we wanted to represent the most interesting things happening in the contemporary realm in the city, she's a nexus, there's a locus there of activity and thinking." Mackler chooses a topic for each show, then invites artists to create work — visual artworks, lectures, performances, screenings, musical acts, fiction, anything goes — around that idea. Each exhibition's three-month run culminates in a printed journal Mackler creates, featuring new works inspired by the show.