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COVID-19 Response Hub

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Los Angeles County is currently in the Low risk category according to the CDC.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Updates

To read the latest “Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)” from the CDC please visit this link

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) Updates

To review the LACDPH’s “Institutes of Higher Education COVID-19 Toolkit” please visit this link

COVID-19 Case Numbers at Otis

Since Friday, May 14, 2020, there have been a total of 243 cases within the Otis Community that have been reported to the Student Health and Wellness Center and/or Human Resources. 

Fall 2022: Month by Month Case Breakdown 

  • December 2022: 6 cases
  • November 2022: 27 cases
  • October 2022: 10 cases 
  • September 2022: 11 cases

Summer 2022:  Month by Month Case Breakdown

  • August 2022: 24 cases 
  • July 2022: 13 cases
  • June 2022: 13 cases

​Spring 2022: Month by Month Case Breakdown

  • May 2022: 3 cases
  • April 2022: 15 cases 
  • March 2022: 4 cases 
  • February 2022: 6 cases
  • January 2022: 21 cases 

Contact Tracing 

When a member of the Otis Community tests positive for COVID-19, a system of contract tracing is implemented, during which they are interviewed to identify and provide support to people who may have been infected through their exposure to this person. This confidential contact tracing process prevents further transmission of the virus by separating people who have, or may have, COVID-19 from people who do not. Contact tracing also alerts Otis College to areas of the campus that require special sanitation cleaning. Guidelines on what to do in the case of an exposure to COVID, or testing positive for the virus, can be reviewed in the respective Student Information and Faculty/Staff Information sections on the left.