“Not all ‘packaging engineering’ needs to look robust and technical,” says the product designer.

Compostable packaging food service product line for Zume

Adam Blish (’17 BFA Product Design)

The project I recently finished is this compostable packaging food service product line. My goal was to use no straight lines in the design, to replicate the fact the no straight lines can be found in nature. There are some flat surfaces out of necessity.

It also showcases the strengthening features needed for these products, while striking a balance with aesthetics. Not all “packaging engineering” needs to look robust and technical, it can look organic and soft while serving the same purpose. After all, the food the end user eats is in it, so it should appear as organic and natural as possible.

The aesthetics that this product will return to the earth and complete a natural product life cycle is the underlying goal. To convey that visually may be a lofty aspiration, but it was the intent nonetheless. Hopefully compostable packaging will grow and encourage users to compost their waste (food, packaging, etc) more and more.

Blish, an Industrial Design Lead with Zume—a compostable packaging company based out of Camarillo, California—is a sustainability enthusiast and outdoor advocate. In 2017 he was featured on Otis.edu as a Group Scholarship recipient. For more information, please visit ablishdesign.com