Her work was seen in three exhibitions in 2022-2023.

Casa de Cadillac, 2018 (Acrylic on linen, 24 by 24 inches)

Casa de Cadillac, 2018 (Acrylic on linen, 24 by 24 inches)

Hilary Baker, ’76 MFA Fine Arts

Predators, a series of paintings I recently completed, is a commentary on loss: the loss of Los Angeles’s iconic architecture—along with its history as the city grows and expands—and the resultant loss of the habitats of its urban and suburban wildlife.

Casa de Cadillac is a portrait of a common species hiding in plain view among one of L.A.’s landmark sites. Predators refers not only to the predatory nature of these animals, but also to the simultaneous threats of urban development and sprawl. As wildlife is forced to exist on the fringes of our towns and cities, their habitats continue to disappear in an ever-growing, human-centric world. 

In a perfect world, these paintings wouldn’t be necessary. But I created this work to remind us that we need to respectfully co-exist with—and protect—these creatures. Otherwise, we face the prospect that, as our landscape vanishes, we run the risk of losing our humanity in the process. If we can retain our appreciation of our past, the efforts to preserve our history enhances our lives. And if we can coexist with the creatures who roam our hills and haunt our backyards, then we enhance our future. 

Baker’s Wildlife on the Edge: Hilary Baker was on view at the Wilding Museum of Art and Nature through March 6, 2023. In April 2023, Baker’s work was included in the group show, Notions of Place, at the Angels Gate Cultural Center and in a solo exhibition, Souvenir, at Rory Devine Fine Art, Los Angeles. You can read more about Baker on her website, and follow her on Instagram, @hilarybakerstudio