Otis College's Fashion Design Program

Top 10 Colleges for Aspiring Fashion Designers 2020

By Natalie Mechem

Whether you love shopping, can’t stop sewing or you consider yourself a superfan of Project Runway, applying to fashion school can help you make your dreams of becoming a world-renowned fashion designer come true. But with so many phenomenal fashion schools out there, how can you even begin to choose? From assorted areas of study to impressive internship opportunities to close connections with the fashion industry, these schools offer everything a true fashionista could ever desire.

2. At Otis, you’ll never find yourself falling asleep with your nose in a textbook. Otis offers a project-based fashion design major, so students create constantly. Some students choose to add an emphasis in costume design. As they create their design projects, Otis students keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Representatives from existing brands serve as their mentors. Plus, students are responsible for every step of their collections—from the initial idea to the design to the production—meaning they get to learn every skill imaginable. “As a student you are the designer, pattern maker, sample maker, cutter and sewer,” senior Fashion Design major Isabella Lopez said. “Learning each of these skills helps us to better understand the roles in the fashion industry.” Also, Otis lets students explore the fashion industry in Los Angeles, one of the most vibrant fashion hubs in the U.S.

Juniors and seniors even show their work in the Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills window as part of the annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show. Eighty-six percent of each graduating class becomes employed as assistant designers within three months of graduation. Alum Dahn Tran even went on to win “Shark Tank” with his design, Buttercloth. Got a passion for fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit? Let yourself shine at Otis.

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