MFA Student looking at artwork at Otis College Annual Exhibition

Our Work

At Otis College of Art and Design, the breadth and depth of student work are truly extraordinary, spanning a wide array of disciplines and showcasing exceptional creativity and technical prowess.

From innovative product designs and immersive digital media projects to captivating fine art pieces and forward-thinking fashion collections, the work produced by our community reflects the dynamic and interdisciplinary approach fostered at Otis College. This environment encourages students to push boundaries, experiment with new ideas, and develop their unique artistic voices.

Central to the Otis experience are key events and platforms that highlight student achievements, such as the Annual Exhibition, which celebrates the culmination of student work across all programs. This event provides a vibrant space for students to present their final projects to the public, industry professionals, and the Otis community. Additionally, the Design Lab offers a collaborative hub where students can engage with real-world challenges, working alongside peers and industry partners to create innovative solutions. Beyond their time at Otis, alumni continue to make significant contributions to the art and design world, with their work frequently featured in prominent exhibitions and publications. The Student Work and Alumni Work sections on our website provide an ongoing showcase of these impressive accomplishments, illustrating the lasting impact of an Otis College education.