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Class of 2009 Installation

Each year, OTIS College of Art and Design's graduating Architecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) seniors design and build a full-scale spatial environment in their final semester of study.

The site for the 2009 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Installation was, for the first time in the history of the department, outside, on OTIS' Bobrow Thomas Green. 2009 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors seniors were presented a unique challenge as they were asked to design an exterior spatial environment, with the restriction that it could not be a normative "building" envelope. This challenge, of extracting experiential space out of an almost infinite "outside," without creating a building enclosure, required a new paradigm for both the installation design and presentation of student work. The solution to this challenge became not to "construct" space, but to deconstruct and multiply.

The Class of 2009 Installation was conceived as an homage to and "deconstruction" of the pavilion portion of Dan Graham's Rooftop Urban Park Project. Graham's four-sided enclosure was re-conceptualized and reconfigured as four parallel steel-framed walls that were further deconstructed via intermittent panels of both double-sided and two-way mirrors, separated by openings. A portion of the open space within the Bobrow Thomas Green was defined as well as subdivided (deconstructed) by the walls and simultaneously multiplied via the reflections and transparency of alternating mirrors and open panels.

Instead of exhibiting their work within the installation, as in prior years, 2009 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors seniors (Ike Bahadourian, Ryan Carillo, Mahetzi Hernandez, Jennie Hong, Myung Sun Kim, Paul Lee, Erin Leverkus, Brandon Maike, Won Woon Park, Victoria Phouangbandith, Mia Purnama, Jessica Rodato, Monica Ruiz, Ina Sumampow and Billy Tam) performed their work via Pecha Kuchas (20 images each, 20 seconds per image), which are shown in this video as well.