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Class of 2010 Installation

Each year, OTIS College of Art and Design's graduating Architecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) seniors design and build a full-scale spatial environment in their final semester of study.

2010 A/L/I seniors (Nathalie Aguirre, Jenny Sok You Chea, Rachael Fausto, Osvaldo Ferreira, Amy Go Hyun-young Kim, Young Kyu Kim, Esther Lee, Dan Maurer, Erin Murray, Mina Oh, Sarah Park, Won Woong Park, Natasha Ponomarev, Joem Sanez, Krystal Scott, William Shin, Hakan Tung, Christina Yang, ByungKuk Yoo, Stella Yoo, MaiHoua Vang and Ani Zadourian) were charged with designing an exterior, informal social-gathering space for OTIS students, faculty and staff on OTIS' campus. Students presented solutions three times to a Client-group (including OTIS' President, Provost, VP of Administration and Finance, VP of Enrollment Management, and Dean of Student Affairs) that selected the final design. The selected design, OTIS Social Space: Landscape Extrusion, is a continuous and varied profile of decks, seats, lounges, chaises, benches and tables that are extruded 12 feet in width and extend, collectively and sequentially, 106 feet in length.

Landscape Extrusion was designed and documented by the 2010 A/L/I seniors, who also fabricated and installed 49 of its total 106 feet of length. Cambero Sheet Metal and OTIS Facilities Staff fabricated and installed the remaining 57 feet per the students' design and specifications.