As a Fine Arts student at Otis College, you’ll work through your ideas and make them visual. In this small, mentor-based program, you’ll work both in group studios and one-on-one, artist-to-artist, with our faculty of working professionals.

You can choose from three concentrations in our BFA program: Painting, Photography or Sculpture/New Genres, but we encourage you to work in an interdisciplinary way. In addition to our concentrations, students can take a structured set of special-topic electives in Drawing, Editorial Photography, Film and Video, Performance, Contemporary Clay, and Art Theory and Criticism. 

Our program is both rigorous and flexible—you can tailor it to your needs. You’ll have a studio space of your own and access to a full range of labs, shops, and studios.

Our graduates are poised to show their work professionally and/or continue their studies at the master’s level. Our alumnx pursue a wide range of careers in the art world: studio artists, designers, performers, entrepreneurs, gallerists, and more.


Contemporary artists use their talent, imagination, and skill to create works of art that add beauty and richness to the world. They produce work for a vast global network of museums, commercial art galleries, publicly funded arts organizations, and artist-run spaces. Taught by a faculty of active professional artists, A Fine Arts student can choose one of three curricular areas of emphasis, Painting, Photography, or Sculpture/New Genres. The curriculum and requirements to graduate vary for each area.  Please visit the respective area for course descriptions and graduation requirements.



Students learn the basic principles, techniques and concepts of painting and drawing while developing their talent.  Students learn to invent visual images of their ideas, passions and interests.


Students gain technical and conceptual skills to analyze and make photographic works of art while focusing on a medium with a wide presence in popular culture. Students learn analog and digital approaches to the medium.

Sculpture/New Genres

Students learn to create three-dimensional and time-based works of art. This very broad area allows students to explore the traditional forms of sculpture as well as the contemporary genres of installation, performance, video, and film.


Fine Arts students have the opportunity to extend and complement their studies by pursuing a minor in another department. View the list of minors here.

Area of Emphasis

Students may choose to focus on a particular medium within the Painting, Photography and Sculpture/New Genres Areas of Emphasis.  Focus opportunities include DrawingEditorial/Fashion Photography, and Film/Video.


As juniors, Fine Arts students are encouraged to do an internship.  They may either take the Public Engagement/Internship course offered in the department or pursue other opportunitites through the Center for Creative Professions.

Travel Study

Also during the junior year, students may choose to participate in the Travel Study and Exchange Program.  Art in Context: New York is a course taught by fine arts faculty where students experience first-hand historical and contemporary aspects of the New York art world.

Meet the People

Meg Cranston, Chair
Alex Slade, Asst Chair
Christopher S. Chung, Coordinator
Scott Grieger, Program Director of Painting
Soo Kim, Program Director of Photography
Jacci den Hartog, Program Director of Sculpture/New Genres


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