Otis College offers one of the only comprehensive four‐year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Toy Design in the world. Taught by faculty and guest mentors who are renowned toy design and entertainment professionals, the program focuses on the process of designing and bringing toys to market. Students create toys for all ages, across numerous categories, with a focus on play. Toys and play are such an important part of our world. Our students will shape the industry, impact society, and inspire generations to come.

Toy Design is a specialized major and requires skills from many disciplines, including design, engineering, illustration, graphic, and digital design. Students will gain knowledge in child psychology, storytelling, business practices, pitching and presenting. They’ll learn about product safety, sustainability, packaging, materials, and manufacturing, and ultimately will gain an understanding of the evolution of a toy from concept to retail and finally to the end consumer.

Many of the world’s largest toy and entertainment companies are a few miles from campus and are at the center of a multibillion-dollar industry that provides an enormous professional steppingstone for our budding toy designers.

The Toy Design program offers students the opportunity to participate in summer internships after their sophomore and junior years. Often our students are hired by the companies where they worked. 

Students will graduate with a final portfolio that highlights their unique talents, technical skills, and innovative ideas to launch them into a creative, rewarding, and meaningful career.


Toys are an important part of our history and culture. Not only is imaginative play fun, but also as psychologists have shown, it is crucial for the development of such high-level skills as decision-making, socialization, and creativity. The comprehensive design curriculum includes the major categories of plush, preschool, dolls, action figures, toy vehicles, and games. Classes in child psychology and development, marketing, engineering, model making, digital design, computer rendering, packaging, and presentation are also included in the curriculum. Students begin by learning analog skills in conceptual drawing, sculpting, and prototyping, and progress into digital illustration and graphic representation, model making, and rapid prototyping. Faculty and guest mentors are toy and entertainment design professionals. Summer internships give students the opportunity to gain industry experience at many companies including Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, and Spinmaster.

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