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The multi-disciplinary Architecture/Landscape/Interiors curriculum has been offered at Otis College since Fall 2001. Combining architecture, landscape, and interiors within one curriculum is a logical extension of the synthesis of those fields in practice, both professional and experiential. These fields share the same means of communication (drawings and models) and are inextricably linked to one another, as a building does not exist without spaces within (interiors) or without (landscape). 

Students studying in the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors area of emphasis practice in all three of the department's fields in small, medium, large, and very large offices throughout the world as draftspersons, renderers, modelmakers, designers, project managers, job superintendents, and owners of their own firms—creating the spaces of our lives.

Interiors + Furniture

The Interiors + Furniture Area of Emphasis is within the Environmental Design Major.

Students studying in Interiors + Furniture, a new Area of Emphasis launched in Fall 2021 will focus on spaces within buildings in four studios: Interiors, Interior Architecture, Interiors + Furniture Studio 1, and Interiors + Furniture Studio 2.  

In the Interiors + Furniture Studios, students will address the full material development of interior spaces and volumes that they have designed. They will select and apply manufactured materials and products such as furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), surface materials (walls, floors, and ceilings), and lighting, and they will design custom architectural cabinetry and complementary furniture for those spaces. The custom cabinetry and furniture will be fully documented for fabrication, and the custom furniture may be fabricated in part or whole, depending on the individual student's interest and budget. An important aspect of the Interiors + Furniture Area of Emphasis is that students will be trained to be designers uninhibited by craft or material limitations, who are able to communicate and collaborate with artisans and craftsmen working in any material or technique.

The designs and images in the slideshow above were produced in Studio 3: Interiors, Studio 4: Interior Architecture, and Interior Development, which are required courses for both of the Environmental Design program’s Areas of Emphasis. In the two new Interiors + Furniture Studios, students will develop interior spaces and their components to a greater scope and at a more custom level, thus preparing our graduates to be even more competitive as they enter the field and profession of interior design.