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STUDIO 1: Scale, Structure, and Space

In this “BOOTCAMP” studio, students are introduced to and practice technical drawing (plans and sections) for the first time, through the design and documentation of spatial environments of increasing size and complexity.


STUDIO 2: Landscape

In this first “site-based” studio, students design two URBAN PARKS “sited” in actual places in Los Angeles. Students design the complete spatial experience including landscape materials such as plants, water, concrete, etc.

STUDIO 3: Interiors

Students design two commercial or public INTERIORS such as restaurants, stores, museums, health or medical facilities, offices, etc.


STUDIO 4: Interior Architecture

Students design residential environments  (APARTMENTS, CONDOS, HOTELS, etc.) located within an existing building, and modify portions of the existing structure, facades and/or roof. This structural component distinguishes “interior architecture” from ”interiors.”


STUDIO 5: Architecture

Students design a NEW BUILDING located in an urban context between two, other existing buildings. This unique problem requires students to focus on the two facades (typically front and back), the roof and interiors, as well as access for pedestrians and cars.


STUDIO 6: Architecture and Landscape

Students design a NEW FREE-STANDING BUILDING with integrated LANDSCAPE components. A component of this studio is a field trip to a city or location outside of Los Angeles, where this Studio's project would hypothetically be located.