Minor in Art and Design Education

Program Requirements

Our Mission: 

The Art and Design Education minor prepares students for a range of professional practices as socially engaged artists, designers and educators in diverse communities and contexts including K-12 schools, museum education departments, community art centers, correctional facilities, therapeutic arts programs, public art, design companies that focus on educational materials, and the use of art and design as an agent for positive social change. 

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students enrolled in the Art and Design Education minor will: 

  • Develop and articulate the relationship between simultaneous and equally valued practices as artists/designers and educators. 
    Demonstrate an understanding of the practices and theories of art and design education and community engagement. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of career opportunities for K-12 and community-based and teaching artists/designers. 
  • Develop, and in some cases implement, in person and online projects for school and/or community settings that are innovative, engaging, developmentally appropriate, and culturally responsive.
  • Synthesize and analyze the connections between history and theory of art and design education and community engagement and the realities of what happens in the classroom, studio and/or community setting. 

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*Students will choose Art and Design Education Electives from the Minors Course Lists, selected by the Interdisciplinary Studies Director and Minor Area Head, in collaboration with each Academic Department. Examples include: ADED300 Special Topics, CAIL300 Creative Action Studio (if taken a second time), SSCI211 Child Psychology, and studio courses outside of their major or area of emphasis that expand their art/design making skills.

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