Minor in Digital Media

Program Requirements

Our Mission: 

The Digital Media minor provides students with the opportunity to explore skills related to creative designers, artists, and storytellers in animation, game design, motion design, visual effects and concept art for film, television, video games and advertising industries.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students enrolled in Digital Media Minor will:

  • Articulate the relationship between their major and minor(s) and how these will help them achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Develop and apply interdisciplinary skills, experiences, and knowledge in fields outside of their majors.
  • Develop an art/design practice that is grounded in two or more disciplines.

Course Requirements

Digital Media Minor Required Courses: 15 credits of Digital Media courses

This can be 5 studio courses or 4 studio courses + 1 LAS course.

Students select courses based on guidance from the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, Minor Area Heads and Academic Advisors and must follow prerequisites when applicable. For the full list of courses that will count for this minor, along with recommended courses to take first, see the Minors Course Lists on the Registration page of the Dashboard (my.otis.edu). Students are advised to take minor classes in place of studio electives (or in place of one LAS elective), or for majors without electives by taking one extra class in each of 5 semesters spread out between sophomore and senior year.

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