Minor in Sustainability

Program Requirements

Our Mission: 

Recognizing the innovative role artists and designers can play in solving pressing challenges, the Sustainability Minor provides students with a broad understanding of the social, political, economic and environmental issues impacting the future of humanity and our planet. Students will study and develop strategies and systems, as applicable to art and design, which can meet the needs of current generations without compromising those of future generations. Courses fulfill requirements in Integrated Learning and Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as electives across all studio departments. 

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students enrolled in the Sustainability Minor will: 

  • Develop and articulate a meaningful connection between their studio art/design practice and sustainability concerns.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the practices, theories and science of sustainability. 
  • Identify and discuss career opportunities for artists/designers who specialize in sustainability. 
  • Produce works of art and design that are sustainable, innovative, environmentally conscious, socially responsive and culturally relevant.

Participating Departments

The Sustainability minor is open to all undergraduate majors.

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*Students who have a dedicated capstone for their major will complete one capstone course that combines both their major and minor. **A limited choice of Creative Action, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Studio Elective courses across the college will count towards the Sustainability minior Electives, as determined each semester by the Interdisciplinary Studies Director, Sustainability Minor Area Head, and Department Chairs. See the Minors Course List.

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