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Digital Painting in Procreate

Description: This workshop explores the creative possibilities of the award-winning Procreate program, a favorite of many professional illustrators, designers and artists. This course is open to those new to Procreate as well as experienced artists with a focus in introduction to essentials, brushes and tools, layers, and shading. Students develop essential knowledge that can be the foundation for a personal style within this highly versatile tool. 

Date: Saturday Nov 6, 2021

Time: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm PDT

Location: Online via Zoom 

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Launching Your Brand Online

Description: This interactive online seminar is perfect for all creatives looking to come up with cohesive brand visuals for their website and social media. Under the expertise of Agnes Pierscieniak, designer, artist, and founder of Crave Workshops, students learn how to build a Squarespace website and related social media identity for their personal brands. They will acquire online resources for developing an online website building platforms and branding visuals. Topics include: 

- Connecting with your ideal clients and selling your work: structuring your website more effectively.
- Making sure your website looks up to date: following recent changes to website design.
- Creating cohesive online visuals without spending a fortune: access to essential online tools.

Note: Students are encouraged to attend Designing Your Vision: Creating a Cohesive Brand in advance of this workshop.

Date: Sunday Nov 14, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT

Location: Online via Zoom 

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I Can’t Draw People!

Description: I Can’t Draw People presents alternative exercises and techniques for drawing the human figure. It’s all about abandoning the stress of creating a perfectly proportioned form. Under the guidance of instructor expertise, students practice alternatives that are surprising, expressive, and delightful. Attend this 1-day workshop to see how much we can accomplish when we leave behind the idea of perfection

Date: Sun Nov 14, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm PDT

Location: Online via Zoom 

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Drawing Using Visual Thinking

Description: Refine your visual perception skills to improve realistic drawing. In this 2-hour workshop, students will participate in drawing exercises that train the "eye" as well as the brain for thinking in new ways. All levels are encouraged, including those who are curious about drawing, from beginners to experienced level drawers who want to explore new concepts in drawing.

Date: Wed Nov 17, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PDT

Location: Online via Zoom

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3D Visualization Lab for Fashion Design

Description: 3D Visualization allows designers to create, design, and prototype CGI garments without any use of material resources. This groundbreaking and innovative process of virtual sampling allows for flexibility and efficiency with apparel design and development process, and new creative possibilities for designers to work from home in this virtual space. In this 3-day exploratory workshop, students are introduced to 3D digital concepts and digital tools while translating their design ideas into 3D using existing templates. Under the instructor expertise of Amy Bond (Project Runway, Season 16), students develop understanding with tools so that they may adapt their own ideas from concept to completion, to achieve a finished 3D pattern.

Date: Tue Nov 23, 2021 - Dec 7, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PDT

Location: Online via Zoom 

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