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The Photography Certificate Program is a 10 course sequence offering training in the technical and creative skills necessary to enter both the commercial and fine art fields of photography as a photographer (SOC 27-4021). Entry-level positions, such as an assistant in the studio, gallery, or academic environment are possible after finishing this program.

Students are also prepared to start freelance work with the knowledge of cameras, lighting, aesthetics, printing, editing, promotion, and presentation formats needed for their specialized area of photography.

The 10 Course Sequence
• 5 Core Courses
XPHO2010 Introduction to Photography
XPHO2012 Introduction to Black & White Darkroom
XPHO2500 Lighting Techniques
XPHO2060 Introduction to Color Photography
XPHO2004 Intermediate Photography

• 5 Electives Courses
Electives vary each term. Please see Elective Courses for Photography in our catalog or on our website. Estimated Program Cost:
Certificate Application: $185
Tuition: $5,400
Supplies & Books: $2,300
Total: $7,700

Please note: Certificate program courses are open to all students. Students interested in taking certificate program courses for professional growth or personal development, are welcome to attend. For further information, or to speak with a counselor, please call (310) 665-6850.