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Portrait Painting in Watercolor and Gouache

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Portrait Painting in Watercolor and Gouache

Students explore fundamentals of portrait painting using watercolor and gouache as primary media. A review of structure, proportion and anatomy of the head and hands sets the stage for application of color to communicate form. Watercolor and gouache techniques will be explored, including palette set up, color mixing, surface preparation, layering, blending, wet into wet, and dry-brush. Students learn the principles of light logic and facial color zones, how to mix “flesh tones for all skin types, and principles of composition. Students complete a series of exercises and three finished portraits using photographic reference.

Prerequisite: None

First class materials: Watercolor paper sheet or block, art board or tabletop easel, 1" artists or painters tape, watercolor or gouache (red, yellow, blue, and black - your choice of specific hue and brand), watercolor brushes, two buckets (1 gallon capacity each), blue high quality paper towels available at Home Depot or Loews, a printed photographic image of a person (include head & shoulders). Be sure the image is not distorted or blurry.  It may be from a magazine, an actual photo, or downloaded and printed.  Can be color or b&w. Minimum recommended size - 5x7 inches.




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Course Code XPTG1910
Non-Credit $185
Meetings 2
Certificate N/A
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Section 1
Saturday & Sunday
Saturday & Sunday
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
September 8, 2018 & September 9, 2018
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