Chris Robertson has spent a lifetime drawing. Animation. Books. Cartoons. Editorial art. T-shirt designs. And a wide variety of doodles and scribbles.

Some of the animated shows of which Chris has shared his talents are, Hey Arnold, Fairly-Odd Parents, Oswald the Octopus, Family Guy, and American Dad.

Chris's books include Little Miss Liberty, Harry and the Hot Lava, Giraffes Ruin Everything, Where do Pants Go?, The Tickle Book, If I Didn't Have You, and I'll Trade My Peanut-Butter Sandwich. 

Chris lives in Pasadena with his wife and three boys. He knows he would never, ever trade his family for anything. Not even a peanut-butter sandwich. 

Chris Robertson illustration
Chris Robertson illustration
Chris Robertson illustration
Chris Robertson illustration
Chris Robertson illustration
Chris Robertson illustration
Chris Robertson illustration
Chris Robertson illustration


Television Academy of Arts & Sciences

  • Emmy Nomination - Best Animated Series “Family Guy” PTV, 2006 


Children’s Literature:

  • Author & Illustrator - Little Miss Liberty (Chronicle Books/Scholastic), Harry and the Hot Lava (Xist Publishing/Scholastic), My Yellow Umbrella, I’ll Trade My Peanut Butter Sandwich, The Tooth That’s on the Loose (Xist Publishing)
  • Illustrator - Giraffes Ruin Everything (Bloomsbury), If I Didn’t Have You (Simon & Schuster), Where Do Pants Go? (Sterling), The Tickle Book (Random House)

Editorial Illustration:

  • Advertising Age, Bicycle Guide, Consumer’s Digest, The Disney Channel, Entrepreneur, Folio, Inside Sports,Los Angles Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Movieline, Muscle & Fitness, Playboy, The Press Enterprise, Publisher’s Weekly, Running Times, Spin, Sport, The Sporting News, Teen, Tennis, Training, Westways

Clients/Employment History:

Teaching Experience:

Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA 

  • Instructor - Advanced Storyboarding - Spring 2022 Semester, Basic Storyboarding - Fall 2022 Semester, Advanced Storyboarding - Spring 2023 Semester

Animation Experience:

Disney/Fox Television Animation, Los Angeles, CA 

  • Assistant Director - “American Dad”, 11/06 - 2/22, “Family Guy”, 8/04 - 10/06

  • Storyboard Artist - “Family Guy”, 12/00 - 4/01

Disney Television, Burbank, CA 

  • Storyboard Assistant - “Phineas and Ferb” pilot, 9/06

  • Character Design & Development - “Recess”, 3/96

Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Burbank, CA 

  • Storyboard Artist - “Fairly Odd Parents”, 5/01 - 7/02

  • Sequence Director - “Hey Arnold The Movie” feature film, 1/00 - 7/00

  • Storyboard Director, SB Artist, SB Assistant - “Hey Arnold”, 4/95 - 12/99

  • Storyboard Director - “Oswald the Octopus” pilot, 4/99

  • Storyboard Assistant - “Cat-Dog”, 4/98 - 5/98

Sunbow Entertainment, Burbank, CA/New York, NY 

  • Storyboard Director - “The Cramp Twins”, 7/00 - 10/00

  • Character Design & Development - “Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum”, 10/97 - 3/99