Elektra Grant

Senior Lecturer | Creative Action, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies


MS (Regenerative Studies), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA
BFA (Film, Video and Animation), Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI


Elektra’s sustainability career was built at a variety of businesses, organizations and institutes of higher education since the early 2000s.  Her areas of expertise are community building, sustainability, institutional sustainability, green building and sustainability in the arts.

Portrait of Elektra Grant

Community Building:

Elektra's evolving path in her sustainability commitment has led to the Transition movement, which has been capturing her interest since 2009.  Transition initiatives "promote community-driven responses to peak oil that focus on cooperative effort and meet basic needs as sustainably and close to home as possible" (Hopkins, The Transition Handbook).  Internationally and locally, Transition initiatives are practiced and supported by local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses and grassroots groups.   Elektra is delighted to integrate Transition concepts into Otis' Human Ecology curriculum, while raising awareness of local Transition groups and Transition-oriented projects.

Prior to coming to Otis, Elektra lived in a sustainability-focused intentional community for three years.  Modeled after the systems and teachings of the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona, the Regen Co-op provides community-friendly, environmentally-oriented shared housing; and develops and supports self-replenishing living systems which consider the intertwined roles of people, nature and technology. 

Sustainability Education:

Educating others is a common theme through Elektra's varied work in the sustainability field.  Elektra has co-authored reports guiding higher ed institutions and communities toward sustainability benchmarks. In the green building field, she helped facilitate the local chapter of a national certificate program for sustainable building advisors, and educated building professionals and property owners on human and environmental health issues associated with building materials and finishes.   At Sustainable Works, an environmental education nonprofit organization, Elektra assisted in managing, developing and facilitating Sustainability Workshops for Santa Monica College students.   Environmentally-focused groups invite her speak on topics such as sustainability in the arts, regenerative design, local communities, and ecotourism.

Sustainability in the Arts:

Elektra was formerly the Sustainability Assessments Manager for Arts Earth Partnership, an official green business certification for Los Angeles' arts and cultural facilities.   Venues assessed include the Natural History Museum, Skirball Cultural Center, LACMA, SMMoA, and Culver City Arts District galleries.

Elektra holds a Master of Science in Regenerative Studies from Cal Poly Pomona, and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film/Video/Animation from the Rhode Island School of Design.  Prior to her environmental career, Elektra worked for six years as a public art muralist.


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