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Guy Bennett

Guy Bennett
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Liberal Arts and Sciences
MFA Writing

PhD, MA, BA (French Literature) UCLA. Author of several collections of poetry, various works of non-poetry, and numerous translations; publisher of Mindmade Books (1997–2017), co-editor of every other and editorial director of Otis Books. Recent publications include Œuvres presque accomplies (co-translated into French with Frédéric Forte), For an Ineffable Metrics of the Desert, the selected poems of Moroccan poet Mostafa Nissabouri, and View Source, a work of code in poetry. His writing has been published in magazines and anthologies and presented in poetry and arts festivals internationally.


Named Chevalier de l’Ordre des palmes académiques [“Knight of The Order of Academic Palms”] in 2005 by the French Minister of Education

Otis Faculty Development Grants: 2013-14, 2009-10, 2006-07

Otis TLC Technnology Grant: 2006

Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  

April 2019
I was in France for readings and signings of Œuvres presque accomplies [“Nearly Actualized Works” -- Éditions de l'Attente, 2018], with events at the Escale du livre in the company of Françoise Valéry and the École des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux with Maël Guesdon, at the centre international de poésie, Marseille, where I read with Nicolas Tardy, and at the Maison de la poésie in Paris, where I appeared with Frédéric Forte.

September–October 2018
I participated the 34th Festival international de poésie, Trois-Rivières in Québec.

August 2018
Publication of Œuvres presque accomplies [“Nearly Actualized Works”], which follows up on Ce livre [“The Book”] (2017) and Poèmes évidents [“Self-Evident Poems”] (2015), all co-translated into French with Frédéric Forte and published by Les Éditions de l’Attente in Bordeaux.

June 2018
Publication of Mostafa Nissabouri’s selected poems For an Ineffable Metrics of the Desert by Otis Books, which I edited and co-translated with Pierre Joris, Addie Leak, and Teresa Vila-Ignacio.

April 2018
« Espace vide à remplir », an excerpt from my forthcoming book Œuvres presque accomplies, appeared in the 16th issue of Espace(s), the journal published by The Space Observatory of the French Centre national d’études spatiales.

February 2018
I had the pleasure of reading with Harzallah Bouzid (Algeria), Maryam Haidari (Iran), and Ahmed Assid (Morocco), at the 24th Salon International de l’Édition et du livre, in Casablanca.