A philomath, serial tinkerer, and connector of dots. Jayashis "Jay" Bhaumik (He/Him/They) has been in the entertainment, games, attractions, and tech industry for over ten years as a designer, developer, researcher, prototyper, fabricator, and manager.  Regarded as an artist by artists, an engineer by engineers, a designer by designers, and an educator by peers and students. 

In their spare time, you can probably find them hiking, fishing, cooking something tasty, tinkering with ham radio, reading up on history, experimenting with the latest iteration in wacky designs, or pondering how they could present a concept better to students. In some cases all of the above simultaneously! 

FCC licensed: Amateur Extra KN6LOE


Considering the Future of Art and Design: The Next 25 Years at Otis College

Clients/Employment History:  

Psyonix, Loot Crate, Hallmark/Crayola, IMAX/IMAX VR, VR Junkies, Jakks Pacific, Fox Sports, NASCAR, Mattel, Highlights for Children 

Jay Bhaumik's Work

Measurement Hardware and Software: Psyonix - 2020 - San Diego, CA
Mixed Media Digital and Physical: Electronic components, C, C++, Arduino
Handled all electronics, hardware, software design and development.

Jay Bhaumik's Work

Augmented Reality Kiosk: IMAX VR x Sofa Social - 2018 - Los Angeles, CA
Mixed Media Digital and Physical: Combination of custom made and off the shelf parts. Unity 3D.
Designed and fabricated all installation components. Contributed to graphics, software, design, development and installation.

Jay Bhaumik's Work

Interactive - 2017 - Orlando, FL & Easton, PA
Digital: Unity 3D
Contributed to graphics, software, hardware, design, development and installation.

Jay Bhaumik's Work

Virtual Reality Installation: Loot Crate - 2017 - Los Angeles, CA
Digital: Unity 3D, Vive Developer Kit
Contributed to hardware, software, design and installation.

Jay Bhaumik's Picture