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JoAnn Staten

JoAnn Staten
Acting Assistant Chair
Teaches In
Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. Culture and Performance, UCLA


Researcher and grant writer focusing on women’s issues, identity narratives, and health disparities.

JoAnn spent over two years living in Suriname, South America learning about the role art and personal narrative play in the development and acceptance of public health HIV/AIDS interventions. During that time, she worked collaboratively with local activists and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop and produce several awareness projects.

The first, “Break the Silence”: Art and HIV/AIDS in Suriname, South America used traditional crafts to promote aids messages and culminated in the Akoti Kuutu Pangi Exhibition. The second was a media series consisting of two videos; Geboorte Registratie, a UNICEF project concerning the importance of birth registration in the Maroon and Amerindian communities, and Suma Na Yu, a Global Fund project focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness in the Maroon community.

JoAnn is particularly interested in developing classes that give students the opportunity to practice using their creative skills to solve real-world problems.


Curricular Diversification Grant 2018
Ford Fellow 2003