2020 Diversity & Inclusion Certificate, eCornell Certificate Program  
2014 Ph.D. Culture and Performance, Folklore Specialization, World Arts and Cultures Department, UCLA 


Researcher and grant writer focusing on women’s issues, identity narratives, and health disparities.

JoAnn spent over two years living in Suriname, South America learning about the role art and personal narrative play in the development and acceptance of public health HIV/AIDS interventions. During that time, she worked collaboratively with local activists and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop and produce several awareness projects.

The first, “Break the Silence”: Art and HIV/AIDS in Suriname, South America used traditional crafts to promote aids messages and culminated in the Akoti Kuutu Pangi Exhibition. The second was a media series consisting of two videos; Geboorte Registratie, a UNICEF project concerning the importance of birth registration in the Maroon and Amerindian communities, and Suma Na Yu, a Global Fund project focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness in the Maroon community.

JoAnn is particularly interested in developing classes that give students the opportunity to practice using their creative skills to solve real-world problems.

JoAnn Staten’s Work
Ndjuka women’s group members in Baku, a village in the Sarakreek jurisdiction of the Brokopondo district, wear pangi with appliqué designs similar to those sold in the pangi exhibition in Paramaribo. Photograph by Dara Lipton, 2007.
JoAnn Staten’s Work
Maroon home, painted entrance, Apatou, French Guiana. Photograph by JoAnn Staten, 2008
JoAnn Staten’s Work

Interview with a Made for Kids Malawi student one week before departing for Malawi: Travon Harper, Communication Arts, Class of 2021    
Trey was inspired by his experiences in Malawi.

JoAnn Staten’s Work
Walking to the garden, Jacaranda School, outside of Limbe, Malawi. 2019.
Mount Mulanje, two hours away from the school, rises in the distance. Otis students visited the mountain for a hike.  
JoAnn Staten’s Work
Welcome ceremony for Otis students 2019. 
The entire Jacaranda School student body greets our students.
JoAnn Staten’s Work
Overview of the Made for Kids Malawi class summer travel experience. 
The Made for Kids Malawi class works with art students at the Jacaranda School during the spring semester and travel to the country after Otis graduation weekend to work with them in person. Students can take the class without participating in the summer travel experience.  Students who choose to take the class for 5 credits should sign up for: CAIL 300 and LAS 314
(Other course combinations are possible. Contact Academic Advising for more information.)

JoAnn Staten's Picture


  • 2021 Excellence in Teaching Award—Full-Time Faculty, Otis College of Art and Design
  • 2020  AICAD BIPOC Academic Leadership Institute Participant
  • 2018 Curricular Diversification Grant, Otis College of Art and Design                                                                                                                                                    
  • 2003 Ford Fellow, Ford Predoctoral Fellowship, Ford Foundation 
  • 2000 Phi Beta Kappa, UCLA

Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  

  • 2021 - present. Exhibition Developer/Co-Collaborator. LAS Exhibition Space. JoAnn Staten; Kerri Steinberg; and student designers: 2022/2023 Derek Peng; 2021 Laura Salazar & Ariana Nouri. LAS Dept.
  • 2021 Facilitator, Student Interviews, Amber Grable; Mirna Kamel. Product Design Senior Show. Otis College
  • 2008 Videographer/ Co-collaborator Suma Na Yu. LoesTrustfull and JoAnn Staten..Global Fund HIV/AIDS 
  • Awareness Project. Paramaribo, Suriname. Video.
  • 2006-2007 Videographer/Co-collaborator Fidelia Graand-Galon et. al and JoAnn Staten. Geboorte Registratie in de Stad en in het Binneland. (Birth Registration in the City and in the Interior). UNICEF; Central Bureau of Civil Affairs; Medical Mission; Ministry of Regional Development; and Maroon Women’s Network. Paramaribo, Suriname. Video.
  • 2004 Exhibition Developer/Co-collaborator. Akoti Kuutu Pangi Exhibition. Fidelia Graand-Galon et. al and  JoAnn Staten. Exhibition based on HIV/AIDS awareness research for the “Break the Silence”: Art and HIV/AIDS in Suriname, South America project that used traditional textile crafts to promote AIDS awareness.