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Joyce Mesch

Joyce Mesch
Adjunct Professor
Teaches In
Toy Design

Joyce Mesch has spent her entire life collecting the eclectic skill set she brings to her role as an adjunct professor at Otis. In addition to more than 30 years of successful toy industry experience, she has worked with organizations across a wide range of industries throughout her career -- from graphic design and pet product invention to TV commercial stylist and voice over artist. Of all her professions, teaching at Otis has by far been the most rewarding experience of her career.

As the instructor for numerous studio design courses in a variety of subjects, including Preschool Design, Girls Toys, Games, and many Corporate Sponsored Projects, for the past 17 years Joyce has shared her broad knowledge and passion for the subject matter and helped many of today’s toy designers develop their skills and find their place in the toy world. 

Joyce has worked with many major industry leaders, including Mattel, Fisher-Price, Tyco, and Playskool. Her work includes some of the most iconic brands in the world, such as Barbie, Polly Pocket, Chatty Cathy, Cabbage Patch, Little Mommy, Hot Wheels, and Disney.

Growing up in a “maker” family, Joyce has an affinity for the way things work. She is an inventor, educator, owner of Sew Joycie, and the voice of a Cabbage Patch Kid. Joyce was a Glass Major at California College of the Arts.


Academic Mentor: Otis Toy Design Department – Confer with students on crucial questions and challenges that shape their educational experiences

Otis Faculty Development Grant: Summer 2019 - Research Road Trip

Family Fun Toy of the Year: Barbie Fashion Avenue Puppy - Best Stuffed Animal Ages 3-4

National Lekotek Center - Commitment to Excellence Award: Cabbage Patch Kid Playtime Friend - For creating play products that promote understanding about people of all abilities 

United States Patent: Inventor – US D471,938S Soft Toy Vehicle