Education: BA (UC Berkeley, College of Environmental Design)


Luke Fiederer is an architectural historian who has devoted his efforts to bridging the gap between architectural history and the other humanities disciplines. As ArchDaily Classics’ primary writer for two years, he produced numerous articles on notable examples of historic architecture, some of which have additionally been published on other platforms such as Metropolis Magazine. Now a doctoral candidate at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design with a focus on the social and architectural afterlife of the British Empire, he has also served as an instructor in several architectural history and theory courses for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines.


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Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  

  • Presenter at Society of Architectural Historians Conference - Montréal 2023


  • “Hitler’s House: Should We Preserve or Destroy Nazi Icons?” in Metropolis Magazine (November 2016)
  • “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs ets Industriels Modernes” in ArchDaily Classics (August 2016)