Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA 
Undergraduate Studies in Painting and Drawing

East Los Angeles Community College, CA


Solo exhibitions at the Salon Gallery, London, U.K., and group shows in both the U.K and Los Angeles, including George Billis Gallery. Work included in the prestigious Gilbert B. Silverman and was featured in Flaunt Magazine Nov 2014 issue.

I am a photo-realist painter who specializes in both drawing and painting. Over the years, I have explored various types of wet and dry media, including oil, acrylic, gouache, gold leaf, charcoal, colored pencil, and oil pastel. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with shows in the U.K. and Los Angeles. I’ve been featured in publications such as Flaunt Magazine, Juxtapoz, and recently in the LA Weekly and LA Times. As an artist, I’m drawn to creating the likeness of form. Whether it’s animals, people, or objects, my goal has been to understand the nature of seeing both objectively and subjectively. I bring this approach into the classroom, where I engage students with critical thinking and technique. I have learned the most about art making through exploring materials, and I encourage students to investigate and push the limits by thinking traditionally and non-traditionally about materials. This helps students to create a new way of seeing and, in turn, broadens their visual vocabulary.

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Scott Zaragoza’s Work
Scott Zaragoza’s Work
Scott Zaragoza’s Work
Scott Zaragoza’s Work


Scott Zaragoza’s Picture


  • Teaching Excellence Award for Part-Time Instructor, Otis College of Art and Design, Spring 2022
  • Artist Assistant and Apprentice to Meg Cranston, 2014-2015
Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  

Shows and Publicity

  • Artwork and Design for Netflix, Los Angeles Location, 2019

  • Group Exhibition, Incognito at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2018

  •  Participated in Los Angeles Cat Art Show, Los Angeles, 2017

  • Artwork Published in Flaunt Magazine 131- The Nine Lives Issue Fall 2014

  • Group Exhibition, George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, 2012

  • First Solo Exhibition at Salon Gallery, London, UK 2007


The past 20 + years have been a very active commission career with public and private collectors. Each year since 2004, I have made countless works of art which are now included in both public and private collections, such as:

The Gilbert B. Silverman Collection, Westime Watches, Richard Mille, 8 Minute Solar Energy, Ollie Ella Design Group, Netflix, HJTH LLP, J. Simonian Private Collection, to name a few.

This is just a small list of the very large and extensive relationships I have cultivated over the years of art lovers, enthusiasts, and professional collections.

Clients/Employment History:  

Teaching Experience

Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA 

  • Senior Lecturer, January 2022 - Present
  • Lecturer, August 2004-December 2021

Foundation Courses Taught: 

  • Foundation Drawing and Composition, 2008-2017 
  • Foundation Figure Drawing I and II, 2009-2022 

Otis College Extension Courses Taught: 

  • Portfolio Preparation, 2004-2017
  • Perspective Drawing for Artists and Designers, 2010-2013
  • Drawing and Composition, 2019-2022


Otis College Summer of Art Courses Taught: 

  • Beginning Drawing, 2004-2019
  • Intermediate Drawing, 2004-2022

Brentwood Art Center, Brentwood, CA 

  • Art Instructor, January 2022-May 2022

Brentwood Art Center Courses Taught: 

  • Figure Drawing
  • Portrait Drawing 
  • Drawing Studio 

Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

  • Lecturer, September 2014-July 2016

Santa Monica College Extension Courses Taught: 

  • Intro to Figure Drawing
  • Creative Arts Studio, London, UK