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Tiffany Graham
Senior Lecturer
Teaches In
Liberal Arts and Sciences

PhD, Culture and Performance (with folklore minor), University of California, Los Angeles
Master of Sciences, Occupational Health (with environmental health work), Medical College of Ohio/University of Toledo
Bachelor of Arts, English (with science emphasis), University of Missouri, Columbia


Interests in culture, anthropology, science fiction, speculative fiction, ethnography, folklore, futures studies, foodways/food studies, visual media, and technology. Teaching in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Digital Media Departments at Otis College since 2008.


  • American Anthropological Association (AAA)
  • Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition section of AAA
  • American Folklore Society (AFS)
  • Western States Folklore Society (WSFS)
  • Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA)
  • UCLA Alumni Association
  • American Studies Association (ASA)
  • Popular Culture Association (PCA)
Professional Accomplishments/Exhibitions:  
  • “Futures Thinking Specialization” series certificates from Institute for the Future via Coursera (Summer 2023)
  • "Food, Nostalgia, and Survival: The Impact of Memory in Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic, and Destroyed Earth Stories"- 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference-Food and Memory, Gdańsk, Poland (April 21-22, 2023)
  • “Southern California Festive Foodways: Altruism, Entrepreneurialism, and Cultural Affirmation” 11th International Conference on Food Studies, Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark, (October 28-30, 2021)
  • “Eating Meals During a Pandemic/Epidemic: How Science Fiction Brings Food Commensality, Culture, and Taboos to the Experience” International Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference, Cappadocia University, Turkey, (January 13-15, 2021)
  • “Parades as Vehicles of Socio-Political Commentary” Western States Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Otis College of Art/Design, Los Angeles, California, (April 12-14, 2018)
  • Video, “Barcelona Independent Film Festival, ’Alternativa” 22nd Edition, Hall Exchanges, Barcelona, Spain, (November 16-22, 2015) and “Experiments in Cinema v10.T36” Albuquerque, New Mexico, (April 15-19, 2015)
  • “Food Art Performances” 8th Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Conference on Food Representation in Literature, Film, and the Arts, San Antonio, Texas, (February 28-March 1, 2014)
  • Video installations, “Joshua Tree Music Festival - 7th/8th/9th annual events” Joshua Tree, California, (May 2009-2011)
  • “Space Cookbook: Mission to the Future” editorial in Science Fiction Studies, #149, Volume 4/Part 2, July 2022 
  • Book Review for Digest Journal on Dying to Eat: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death, and the Afterlife by Candi K. Cann