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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Students are required to maintain SAP in their educational program as described in the school catalog (The Hoot). SAP is evaluated based on qualitative and quantitative measurements (GPA and completed credits) at the end of the academic year.

To remain eligible for federal, state and most institutional aid, a student must meet the SAP criteria as specified below:

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

  • Qualitative Measurement: GPA Requirement
    • Undergraduate students are required to maintain a 2.0 minimum cumulative Otis College GPA
    • Graduate students are required to maintain a Pass or Low Pass on all their classes
  • Quantitative Measurement: Pace Requirement
    • Undergraduate students must complete their degree within 180 attempted credits (120 credits x 150%).
    • Undergraduate students must complete at least 67% of the units they attempt at the end of each academic year. Transfer credits will be included in the calculation as completed credits.
    • Students with failing grades can receive aid for repeated coursework. Students can use federal financial aid once to repeat a course with a passing grade.
    • Grades of incomplete are counted as attempted but not completed. If a grade of incomplete is not changed to a passing grade within the timeframe outlined in the catalog, it may impact the student’s ability to meet the pace requirements and disqualify this student from receiving federal aid.
    • Student Financial Services staff reviews SAP impacted by changes in major on a case-by-case basis.
  • Additional Institutional Requirements (Otis Scholarships): Unit Requirement

    Students are required to be enrolled full-time to maintain eligibility for institutional awards.

    • Undergraduate students are required to complete at least 12 credits per semester
    • Graduate students are required to complete at least 9 credits per semester
    • Failed/Incomplete/Withdrawal grades and audits are not included in the credit requirement completion calculation.
    • Any and all institutional awards are not earned until after the completion of the tuition adjustment period as published in the student handbook.
    • Students who drop below full-time enrollment prior to completing four weeks in a semester will lose eligibility to keep their institutional award(s) for the semester.
    • Students who take a leave of absence or withdraw prior to completing eight weeks in a semester lose eligibility to keep their institutional awards for the semester.
    • Otis renewable scholarships are available for undergraduate students for up to eight semesters and for graduate students for up to four semesters. The number of semesters depends on the student's academic level/number of transferred units determined during the admission process.
  • SAP Evaluation Process

    Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated at the end of each academic year. A student who does not meet one or more SAP requirements at the end of the academic year will lose eligibility for financial aid.

  • Appeal Process/ Regaining Eligibility

    A student who has lost eligibility for financial aid due to the SAP status can request reinstatement of financial aid by submitting a written appeal to Student Financial Services, Appeal Committee. The appeal must explain the reason(s) that led to the SAP failure and the changes that will allow the student to meet the SAP standards in the future. Students will be notified of the SAP Appeal decision via Otis College student email.

    Students with approved SAP appeals are placed on SAP Probation Status and are eligible to receive financial aid for one semester. Students on SAP Probation Status must meet the SAP requirements at the end of the semester to keep their eligibility for financial aid.

    Students have the responsibility to respond to Student Financial Services communication regarding suspended financial aid eligibility.

    Appeal requests must be sent to the Appeal Committee prior to the appeal deadline stated in the Otis SAP status notification.

    Students may also regain eligibility by meeting the SAP standards while taking the coursework at their own expense or funding their education with private loans.  An academically dismissed student regains eligibility for financial aid if they are readmitted by the Academic Standing Committee and have an approved SAP Appeal.