Partnerships with Otis College support the future generation of highly creative changemakers that are tomorrow’s vital pipeline of talent to the creative economy in Los Angeles and beyond. By partnering with corporations, foundations, government, and non-profit organizations together we celebrate students’ unique creative voices and prepare them for success that will shape the world.

Corporate Partnerships

Otis College collaborates with some of the world’s most recognizable brands to partner on philanthropic initiatives, research and development of new projects, and support marketing efforts. Further, Otis College provides our corporate partners with students, faculty and alumni who help shape the creative impact of these global and local firms.

Taught by working artists, designers, and industry professionals, Otis’s students are prepared to succeed—and to have an impact—across creative fields at the forefront of innovation. In today’s fast-paced creative economy, staying ahead requires creativity and fresh perspectives. By partnering with Otis, we provide access to a vibrant and diverse community of talented artists and designers that can help companies adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing creative world. 

Why Partner with Otis?

Otis students blend creativity with critical thinking and cross-discipline collaboration for unique ideas and solutions. Whether in product design, digital media, fashion, or fine arts, Otis students bring the innovative edge your business needs.

Diversity at Otis enriches our educational environment. Our students' varied backgrounds bring multiple viewpoints and experiences, fostering an atmosphere where innovative ideas thrive. Partnering with Otis means tapping into this diverse talent pool, ensuring inclusive and fresh perspectives for your projects.

Our staff and faculty are experienced industry professionals teaching forward thinking curriculum and learning for our students to be at the forefront of their disciplines.

Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and real-world applications. Through internships and real world collaborative projects, branding and product development, our students gain practical experience, ready to tackle real business challenges. Partnering with Otis lets you leverage this expertise to enhance your initiatives.

When you partner with Otis, you invest in the future of design and innovation. Your support helps us provide top-tier education and resources, ensuring our students remain at the forefront of creative excellence and well prepared for careers in the creative economy.

Securing a place for the next generation of creatives in entertainment marketing demands action — not in the future, but now. Without an emphasis on diversity and a concerted effort to include those from all backgrounds, our full potential for creative storytelling will never be reached. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Otis on Access."
Rapha Vasconcellos, VP, Product Creative Studio, Netflix

Corporate Partners Include



Snap Inc.

Activision/ Blizzard


J Crew


Maggie Sottero

Jonathan Louis

Spin Master

University Games

Sony Pictures Entertainment



The Wonderful Company/Justin Wines

BAM Ventures

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