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Housing Options

Housing Options

By choosing to live in one of our housing options, you have just opened the door to a world of new opportunities, challenges, and learning experiences that will serve you well in all facets of your life. Otis College currently offers three different housing options: The Residence Hall, Park West Apartments or Ascent. 

1. Residence Hall

The Residence Hall is primarily for first year students. The Residence Hall offers students the opportunity to live with peers and fully immerse themselves in a community of artists and designers. With multiple lounge spaces, students have the ability to engage with a diverse population and meet people they may otherwise never met. Living on campus is a great way to stay close to classes, and helps with the transition of being in college.

Res Hall

2. Park West Apartments

The affiliated Park West Apartments are conveniently located across the street from campus. Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Graduate students are able to live with other Otis College students in an apartment setting. Foundation Students are now also able to live at Park West. Living at Park West allows students to gain more responsibility of living on their own (such as cooking), while we still manage the apartment details and assist with any issues.