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Track It

Track-It and the Help Desk
Otis College of Art and Design uses Track-It software to centralize help desk operations for the Facilities Management, Academic Computing Services, Web Team, and Information Systems/Technology departments.  The departments use Track-It to manage their daily work flow.  Users use Track-It to notify these departments of problems or request for service. 

There are three ways to open a Help Request ticket in Track-It:

  1. Through Track-It online: Users are given a username and password to login to Track-It so they can create, monitor, and update work orders via this link:
  2. An e-mail sent to the appropriate address as follows: Information Systems/Technology or ACS, Facilities Management, and/or the Web Team.  A submitted e-mail is converted into a work order and an e-mail conformation will be sent back to the sender with a tracking number.
  3. The online web form, which is handy if on a device without e-mail.

While phone calls or in-the-hall conversations will work for emergencies, they are not appropriate for a general help request.  No work order means no work. The only way to ensure that an issue has been received and is in queue is to submit a work order.

Submitting a Work Order
When submitting a work order, the following information is needed:

  • Full Name
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Description detailing the problem to be resolved or the service that is requested. *By ‘detail,’ we mean detail.  “My computer doesn’t work,” “I can’t get into the system,” or “the bathroom sink is dripping” are examples of submitted tickets that do not provide the level of detail needed.  In case of a service such as setting up chairs and/or tables, number of chairs and/or tables must be included along with their location.  Lack of detail may result in the delay of a ticket being addressed.  The departments need specific details to address and resolve problems quickly so please be sure to include them. 

Most importantly, please submit only one request per work order.  For multiple problems and/or service requests a work order for each request must be submitted.  This also helps ensure that each item is addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.