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Transferring credits

Students at the freshman and sophomore levels may, with prior approval, complete coursework at other accredited colleges and universities and transfer the credits earned to their record at Otis College, based on the policies and procedures listed below. Students are strongly encouraged to complete a Course Approval Form with an Academic Advisor in the One Stop to ensure that the course is equivalent and fitting for transfer to Otis College.

Courses taken at other institutions must be similar in contact hours, semester system, content, purpose and standards to Otis College courses. Specifically:

  • Community college courses will be accepted for general education and lower division (freshman and sophomore level) Otis College credits only.
  • Courses intended to transfer toward upper division (junior and senior level) requirements must be taken at a four-year college or university at the junior or senior level, and be similar in content and credits conferred.
  • Only grades of C or better are transferrable.
  • Junior and senior students at Otis College may not take courses at other institutions and apply the credits earned to their Otis College transcript and degree. All courses taken at another institution must be approved and completed prior to the beginning of an Otis College student’s junior year.

Only credit is transferred for courses taken at other institutions. Transferred course grades are not applied to the student’s grade point average (GPA.)

Off-campus study does not become a part of a student's record until a Course Approval Form, along with official transcripts, are submitted to and approved by the Registrar.

Otis College Continuing Education courses taken for credit may be applied to the BFA degree with department chair approval.


After you have registered, if you still have any questions regarding your Transfer credit you should contact: Carrie Malcom, Director of Academic Advising - or Marnie Farmer, Liberal Arts & Sciences Academic Coordinator -