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Otis College Student Union

The Student Union is made up of student leaders who are passionate about helping other students and that will work hard to help to resolve student concerns on campus. They have been leaders in developing important initiatives on campus such as the Food Pantry, Resource Exchange, and many more.



In order to provide for the student body a united, equitable, and fulfilling college experience, Student Union members are devoted to improving campus environments by fostering a network of guidance, support, and advocacy for the desires and necessities of the student body.

Find out how YOU can get involved! Contact Jason Cha, Dean of Student Affairs at


Annavictoria Pacho

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Fashion Design

Status: Sophomore

Hi y'all! My name is Anavictoria (she/her). I am a part of the student union for the academic year of 2023-24. This will be my first year as a student leader, so I am super excited to get to know y'all. I am a sophomore majoring in fashion design, I grew up in Texas, I speak English and Spanish, and I have two cats. I am looking forward to helping improve the campus environment, and please feel free to reach if y'all need any help!


Annie Holley

Pronouns: She/Her

Status: Junior

Major: Digital Media

Hello, My name is Annie Holley (she/her) and I am a member of Otis’s Student Union. I come from San Diego and am a rising junior majoring in Digital Media with a track in Game and Entertainment Design. Someday, I want to work as a prop designer for the entertainment industry, but I’m open to anything as I begin my artistic career. My hobbies include drawing, painting, crafting, cooking, baking, reading, and playing video games. I can’t wait to start a new year back at school and help out other students!


Kiriana Lanuza

Pronouns: She/They

Major: Fashion Design

Status in School: Junior

Hello hello! My name is Kiriana (she/they) and I like Marriage Story, baking, and long walks on the beach. I’m a capricorn with a passion for fashion, currently a Fashion Design Junior with a minor in Art History. I’ll be one of your Student Union Leaders for the 2023-2024 year! I’m a San Diego girlie with an ever increasing obsession with iced dirty chai lattes and I’m super excited to keep connecting on campus!


Ariel Benner

Pronouns: They/Them

Major: Illustration

Status in School: Senior

Hi, my name is Ariel Benner (They/Them) and I am a Senior in Illustration! I am an executive officer for Student Union and Housing Assistant for Res Life. This will be my first year as a student leader and my second year as a member of the Atlas Committee; I am excited to be working with everyone. I was born and raised in Los Angeles but I recently moved to Nevada before coming back here for school. I love to cook and bake as well as listen to a good audiobook or start another crochet project that I probably won't finish. I'm here to listen and hopefully help create great memories for my last year here!

Any Otis student who is passionate about helping other students on campus or wishes to be a part of a team that will help to resolve concerns on campus should e-mail the Students' Union at For further information on how to become involved, contact Jason Cha at

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