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Global Coverage of Otis College’s Historic Gift from the Spiegel Family Fund

The news of student loan debt repayment for the Class of 2022 resonated around the world.
Anna Raya

There was an incredible outpouring of goodwill and support on Sunday, May 15, 2022 when Otis College President Charles Hirschhorn announced the generous gift by honorary degree recipients Evan Spiegel, CEO and Co-Founder of Snap Inc., and Miranda Kerr, CEO and Founder of KORA Organics, who, through their Spiegel Family Fund, committed to helping the Class of 2022 repay their outstanding student debt. 

The news of this gift resonated around the world, starting with the Los Angeles Times—which was on the scene during the commencement ceremony to capture the incredible moment—and traveled across the globe to local broadcast outlets in Kerr’s native Australia. In all, the news generated a potential media reach of over seven billion across mainstream, local, affiliate, and syndicated outlets globally. 

To see how the historic gift was recounted and characterized, you can watch the video embedded above of the Today Show’s recap, as well as the videos below in which President Hirschhorn and Otis graduates were interviewed about their experiences on that day. Following the videos are just a handful of the many news stories that circulated about the event. 

For information about 2022’s Commencement, and to watch videos of the ceremony and the speeches that were delivered, please visit this link


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