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Otis College Campus Activities Board

Otis College of Art and Design student leaders are devoted to enriching students’ experiences on campus by providing them with a network of support and guidance, developing interactive programming, and fostering a friendly and diverse community that is built on respect. CAB works to enhance and unify the Otis college community by coordinating, overseeing, executing and evaluating all student led campus activities. All members of CAB provide leadership, assistance, and support to fellow CAB members and student led campus activities. Program chairs within CAB include: Inclusion Chair, Health & Wellness Chair, Film & Media Chair, Welcome & Spirits Chair, Secretary/Marketing Chair, and 2 Special Events Chairs. Program chairs create, establish, and sustain partnerships within student organizations, faculty in academic departments, and in some cases off-campus partners, vendors, outside artists, and entertainment agencies.

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Meet the Team


Elora Becker

CAB Special Events Co-Chair: Elora Becker
  • Position: CAB Special Events Co-Chair
  • Pronouns: She/They
  • Major: Illustration
  • Status: Senior

Hi there! My name is Elora (she/they) and I am in Campus Activities Board (CAB), acting as the Special Events Co-Chair. This year, I am a senior in Illustration and am minoring in Creative Writing. Aside from writing, painting, and drawing, I also love to act and perform, and be outdoors. This is my second year being a part of SEAL (Student Engagement and Leadership) and I am very much looking forward to creating events that bring people together and give people memorable experiences!

Sofia Gomez

CAB-Special Events Co-Chair: Sofia Gomez
  • Position: CAB Special Events Co-Chair
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Major: Digital Media-Animation
  • Status: Sophomore

Hi everyone! My name is Sofia (she/her) and I am part of the (CAB) Special Events Co-Chair. I am a sophomore majoring in Digital Media Animation and minoring in illustration. I grew up in Wilmington, CA and have gained some student leadership experience in high school. I’m super excited for this new school year and I hope for a great experience with CAB!

Heather Yun

CAB-Secretary and Marketing Chair: Heather Yun
  • Position: CAB Secretary and Marketing Chair
  • Pronouns: She/They
  • Major: Digital Media - Game and Entertainment
  • Status: Senior

Hi everyone! My name is Heather (she/they) and I am the Secretary and Marketing Chair for Otis's Campus Activities Board! I'm a senior in Digital Media: Game and Entertainment. I am from the Bay Area and have lived in California my entire life. I'm a big fan of video games and love the community here at Otis. Excited for all the exciting things to come this year!

Morrison Salmon

CAB-Wellness Chair: Morrison Salmon
  • Position: CAB Wellness Chair
  • Pronouns:She/Her
  • Major: Digital Media- Animation with a Minor in Illustration
  • Status in School: Senior

Hello, my name is Morrison Salmon (She/Her) and I’m the Wellness Chair for Campus Activities Board(CAB). I was lucky enough to grow up in South Lake Tahoe California where I used the beautiful landscape to spark my passions for the arts, environmental conservation, and health and wellness. With each project or activity I participated in from town clean-ups to school sports, like soccer, I gained a greater appreciation for my hometown and overall health. They gave me an outlet that allowed me to make new connections within my community and have now inspired me to expand my wellness journey so I can help others reach their mindfulness goals. I’m excited to use my CAB role within the school to achieve this as well as make my mark within this amazing institution.

Emelie Gardenier

CAB- Off Campus Events Chair: Emelie Gardenier
  • Position: CAB Off Campus Events Chair
  • Pronouns:She/Her
  • Major: Digital Media- Animation
  • Status in School: Senior

Good day, Folks! My name is Emelie Gardanier (She/Her). I am the Commuters Chair for Otis Campus Activities Board (CAB). I am a senior Majoring in Digital Media emphasis on Animation and minoring in Creative Writing. I grew up on the island of Maui, this is my third round of student leadership. I’ve loved animated films ever since I was a kid and enjoy eating yummy food whenever I get the chance. Can’t wait to make the year an epic adventure.

Mina Do

CAB-Media Chair: Mina Do
  • Position: CAB Media Chair
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Major: Graphic Design
  • Status in School: Sophomore 

Hi, my name is Mina (she/her), and I am the Media Chair for Otis’s Campus Activities Board. I’m currently a sophomore in Graphic Design. I've been interested in graphic design since high school. I've pretty much lived in California my whole life and recently moved to SoCal. I'm excited to come up with fun school events and activities at Otis, as well as meeting new people. 


Michelle Yoo

CAB-Special Events Co-Chair: Michelle Yoo
  • Position: CAB Inclusion Chair
  • Pronouns:She/Her
  • Major: Digital Media- Motion Design
  • Status in School: Junior 

Hello everyone! I'm Michelle (she/her), a junior majoring in Digital Media with an emphasis on Motion Design. Originally from Seoul, Korea, I spent my middle and high school years in Vancouver, Canada, and now I find myself here in LA! Having had the privilege of experiencing different cultures, I want to ensure that everyone enjoys that same enriching experience while feeling safe and included. Taking on the roles of Orientation Leader and CAB Inclusion Chair, I'm thrilled to introduce our first-year students to campus life, foster a sense of belonging, and organize inclusive and enjoyable events for our diverse student body. Although this is my first time as a student leader, I am eagerly looking forward to making this year a memorable one for all of us!