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Refund / Closures


Changing Meal Plans

You are able to change your meal plan options beginning the first day of class through the first two weeks of each semester. Residential students can only increase their plan not decrease to a smaller plan. This window of time should allow you the opportunity to determine if you are signed-up for the correct meal plan once you have had a chance to dine in Elaine’s.

Once the second week of school has passed, you will not be allowed to change your meal plan until the next semester.

Meal Plan Refunds

If you elect to move out of housing or are dismissed/removed from housing but remain enrolled at Otis College, you are required to maintain your meal plan level for the remainder of the semester that you left housing. No changes or refunds will be permitted.

If you take a leave of absence or fully withdraw from the semester, you will be granted a refund based on the last meal date. The day that students move out of housing will determine the student’s last meal. A refund will be issued based on the remaining days left in the board plan.

Move-Out of Housing/ Dismissal From Housing

Housing Refunds

The following schedule applies to the refund of Room Charges subject to the terms and conditions of the Student Housing Agreement. Refunds due to students will be credited first to government-funded financial grants, loans and other aid. The remaining balance, if any, will be distributed to the student.

If you withdraw or take a leave of absence, and are completely moved out of the Otis College Student Housing program by 5:00pm: Refund Received:
Before classes begin 100%
Friday of the first week 90%
Friday of the second week 75%
Friday of the third week 50%
Friday of the fourth week 25%
After the fourth week 0%

The housing application fee is nonrefundable and does not apply to the above schedule.

Owl Dollars

Once Owl Dollars are loaded onto your OneCard, these funds remain on your OneCard until they are spent, or until you are no longer enrolled as an Otis student. Refunds are not permitted while you are enrolled, so carefully consider how much money you place on your card. Unused funds roll over from semester to semester as long as you are enrolled as an Otis student.

The minimum amount of Owl Dollars you can place per transaction is $10.00 and the maximum is $500. The maximum total amount of funds a student can have on their OneCard is $2,500.

A refund of Owl Dollars can only be processed if you have more than $10 on your OneCard and you are no longer an Otis College student (due to graduation or withdrawal/leave of absence). If you meet these requirements, please complete a OneCard Refund Application. The Business Office will review the Application and, upon approval, move the amount to your Student Account. The funds will be used to pay any outstanding charges on your Student Account. If a credit balance remains once all charges are paid, we will issue a refund within 2-4 weeks. Applications must be received within 90 days of graduation or withdrawal/leave of absence from Otis College.